Welcome to Xeikonprints.com

Turnaround Time

Standard production time is 3 business days on Xeikonprints.com.  We do offer express production services - 1 Day production and 2 Day production for an additional cost.  Production time begins when we receive your complete order with print ready files - the cut off is 1PM CST.  If you submit your order at 3PM, production will begin on the next business day.  If there are any issues with your files, the start of production time will be delayed until we have corrected files.


If you purchased a proof with your order, production time does not start until we have received approval for the job.  If approval is given after 1PM CST, production time will start on the following business day.

Sending Files Later

For various reasons, you may need to place your order first, then send your files after your order has been placed.  Production time will not start until we have received your files and will run the full duration of the particular production time that you chose, or 3 days as the standard.  This means that if you placed your order on Monday and we didn't received your files until 3PM on Friday, your order will not ship out until the following Wednesday under the standard 3-Day production option.


If you find out that you need your project quicker than what you had originally planned for, sometimes we can accommodate your needs.  Give us a call and, depending on our workload, we can try and make a change to your order.